Extraordinary Power, Extraordinary Life

What is extraordinary power and what does it take to truly
live an extraordinary life?

We are raised with so many rules about WHO we are supposed to be and WHAT we are supposed to do.    We are taught to think and act in ways that are acceptable, appropriate and fit a certain mold…and we can accomplish A LOT operating that way.  The problem is you will never really feel totally ALIVE or totally YOU!  There will be a nagging feeling that something BIG is missing in your life…

It’s time to SHIFT because that thing that is missing is YOU and the extraordinary life you are here to live! Join me for this incredible journey into your Extraordinary Power!

In this FREE event, you will:

  •  Experience who you are at the deepest level
  • Uncover the biggest VOW you took against your own extraordinary power
  •  Understand your life purpose with clarity

I am doing this event 2 ways to serve you best, but you must register!

September 13, 7 – 8:30pm EST webinar event, attend by phone or by webcast

September 14, 6 – 8pm EST, Live in-person, at the Rhys Thomas Institute in Medway, MA