Looking Inside Before You Look Outside for Happiness

When you have searched the world over for your purpose and meaning and happiness, and have come up empty handed, it is time to open your heart and self-reflect on who you truly are and your inner gifts.

Many mythical stories tell of the hero going out into the world to find their greatness, leaving their home and loved ones behind in their quest, only to find that, in the end, the truth they were seeking was right under their nose the whole time. It wasn’t out there…

These stories are the story of how your chakras develop and create in your life.  In the first chakra you struggle to find your place in your tribe and fit in society, in the second chakra you are called to find something bigger, in the third chakra you find that that something bigger is your unique magnificence that the tribe could not acknowledge, and you break free from the tribe and become an individual.

In the fourth chakra you become conscious of what has brought you to that moment of clarity and you learn to self-reflect on all of who truly are and what you have become.  This is the essence of self-love that then allows you to come back into the relationship as an individual, a hero that now chooses your own tribe out of power, not need.

Self-reflection is the beginning of the upper chakra journey of coming home to love and unity. When you are done searching for love, you will find it in your heart.

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