Happy Easter Monday!

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter!

Easter Monday is a day of rest after the feast and the miracle of transcendence. Sometimes it is not the miracle but the appreciation that all of life is a miracle that is the real transcendence.

This year I spent Easter in Barcelona Spain where there are Churches that date back to 12th century, and many are built on the foundation of Muslim masques that were just as amazing thousands of years before.

The awesome miracle of these churches and how people without cranes, bull dozers, and trucks could build them, hundreds of feet tall, paint the ceilings like the Sistine Chapel, create cement and iron sculptures, 30 foot tall doors, adorn them with statues and walls of pure gold, each one a museum piece of craftsmanship.

When we sit in these handmade miracles surrounded by the works of those who had true faith in something greater than themselves we appreciate the true potential of mankind.

Many of those who created the architectural plans, and did the work to create these behemoths knew they would not even live to see it’s completion, some churches taking anywhere from 60 to 600 years to build.

It’s amazing. Here’s a glimpse of what it looks like inside the Barcelona Cathedral.



Take a few minutes today to find the miracles around you.

Take a few minutes today to find the miracles around you, and if you can, please join me for a LIVE blab happening tomorrow, Tuesday, March 29th at 12:00ET. Click here to learn more.


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