Broken Heart

There is nothing worse than the feeling of a broken heart.

It’s like the floor falls out from under your feet and you are free-falling and know there is no net to catch you.

And once you have experienced it, you will do just about anything to avoid it happening every again.

The heart break of not getting the love you really want, or worse, being rejected at some level for being who you are has been going on since you were very little.

Every time your heart breaks, it hurts emotionally.  The memory of that hurt is like a scar in your energy field.  Whenever someone touches it you pull away.  Pulling away is the opposite of what the heart needs.

Many of the students who enter the Rhys Thomas Institute come to us to heal their broken hearts.  Broken hearted about a lost family member, a relationship, a career, not living up to their potential, not finding their soul mate, feeling alone… and the answer to all of these is self-love.

Have you ever gotten the advice, “you need to love yourself more”?  And you say, “but I do yoga, and eat wheat grass and get massages, I do love myself!”  but deep down inside you know you are tough on yourself and there is so much more but you don’t know how to reconnect to it.

Here are 10 tips to get you started living more in your heart.

(in the video below I give 10 of my favorite ways too reawaken to self love)

Tip 1:  “Love First”- after a heart break the natural reaction is to go into your next relationship in a guarded way.  Your hope that by assessing the situation and making sure they are “all-in” before you commit is a good theory on paper but has one fatal flaw.   As you can imagine if you are holding back in your heart, they will too and you will reject them, or them you, before either of you can find out if “this is the one!”

The danger of loving first is great, but the danger of not loving first is a guaranteed lifetime of suffering.

Learning to love first is a commitment to your own heart not theirs. It is an act of self-love.  What they do with your love is up to them, you give it freely.  If they can receive your love and share theirs, the relationship is a match made in heaven and you have done your part.  If they can’t, your heart breaks because you see something they cannot, but afterward you know even more what love for you is and you are that much more ready for the next relationship.

Love is what we all desire even more than the air we breath. Learning how to heal you hurts and live with an open heart again is the spiritual path to awakening!

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