I totally love that person!!!

What do you say when you look in the mirror?

“I totally love that person!!!” Or maybe something else…

Maybe you’re tough on yourself, your looks, your age, your weight, your life… and you think you have good reason to be tough on yourself.  You could be doing better, you could look younger, you could eat better, have made different choices in your life, have better relationships, etc., etc.

What if I told you that the fastest way to get everything you want in your life is to love yourself.

Loving yourself will lead to having a healthy heart, great relationships, inner peace, a sacred connection with others and so much more.

How about it?  You want to try it?

It costs nothing, feels good and you have nothing to lose besides your bad attitude and a good portion of your pain and suffering.

Now I don’t want to take away your pain and suffering if it is really working for you, but if you want an easy way to let it go… self love is the start.

Here are two tips to get you started to begin to self love:

1) When you look in the mirror, look in your eyes not at your face and have compassion. See deeply into your eyes and see how much you have been through in your life and how strong you have become from it and how many people you have loved and help along the way. Love that about you!

2) Then look deeper and see your humanity.  There isn’t a person on the planet isn’t struggling with the impossible job of being a human being.  Each of us is unique and yet expected to fit in and compromise that uniqueness.  Each of us has a body that cannot survive on its own without the help of others.  We all are so much more sensitive emotionally than we show others.  Each of knows we are called to something great, but making a living and doing what is expected of us forces us to compromise our dreams.   BUT… the truth is that YOU are standing out and being unique and showing your greatness, YOU are part of a healthy community, and YOU are not afraid of sharing your real feelings and reaching out for love in your life, even when it hurts. Love that about yourself.

Just those two things alone are enough to start your path back to self love and better health and joy in life.

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  1. Hello is there a link to the previous heart tips? Thank You Cindy

  2. Good morning Rhys: Thank you for all your free videos.

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