What Makes You Happy?

There is one thing you can’t live without.

And when you don’t have it you always feel in the back of your mind like there is something missing.

Strangely, it isn’t money, home, career, family, friends, or health…

Without this one thing you can have all those things and still feel like there is something big missing in your life.

When you do have it all of those things are “awe-some,” not “awe-full!”

So what is it? 

I call it in my writing your “sense of purpose.” An unbendable and non-negotiable sense of self that lets you begin to live your life on your terms.  This foundational rock solid self-mastery is the deepest goal of all spiritual practice and leads to a sense of inner happiness and peace even in stressful times.

The Dalai Lama said, “The very purpose of life is to seek happiness.” The biggest source of unhappiness is not truly knowing who you are, and constantly using all your energy in the wrong job or relationship.

If your e-mail inbox is like mine, you know that there are many programs out there claiming they do life purpose work, but they are focused on only one tiny part of your life purpose, like making more money or finding a soul mate.  But if making more money or finding a soul mate is only part of your life purpose even if you succeed at getting it, you will still fail to be fully happy.

What is the solution?  Dig deep inside you and find that happiness hidden behind all the junk in your life and make it the most important part of you.

At the Rhys Thomas Institute of Energy Medicine we give you both ancient and cutting edge tools to have the energy, courage and clarity to truly live your life purpose, having fun.

  • Find out who you really are and what you have always loved about you
  • How you are wired for your unique form of greatness
  • How you naturally inspire others
  • What it feels like to live with an open playful heart
  • How to become part of a huge soul group and over 30 teachers who are all there to support you in moving into your power and happiness
  • How to have clarity of purpose and courage to live it

Once you have that, you can take any program in the future and make it a success because success isn’t what you do but who you bring to what you do that counts.  No more living a half way life.  No more hoping the next program will give you your purpose.

Come join Rhys at either of 2 amazing in person open houses and start living your purpose not hoping to sometime in the future. Click here to learn more.

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