Fight For Your Life

What does it mean to fight for your life? Right now, you are in a fight for your life, and you may not even know it!

Have you bought the underlying lie that “spiritual” and “loving” means passive? We cheer loudly for the heroes in the movies that raise their swords, the cancer patients who fight back to full health from the inside out, and social leaders like MLK when they raise their voices and are willing to die for their cause.

Do you know that being stuck in your life is the most devastating illness for the soul?

Why do you think most, if not all ancient mystery schools taught martial arts at the center of their doctrine? Not to create a bunch of idiots punching each other out in a bar or dropping bombs on each other from a thousand miles away. It is for when you are given your opportunity, that will only knock once, you have the clarity of mind and energy you need to be courageous enough to do what no one you know has ever done. Be you!

Wake up the fight in you before it’s too late!

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