Miracle Healing

How would you like a miracle healing?

Have you got a chronic condition, or pain, or emotional, or financial, or relationships issue that you would love to walk away from forever?

We will be sharing with you 3 ways you can create miracles in your life at this year’s Insight Live Event, Sunday, September 22 from 12:00-6:00 pm ET.

What is a miracle?

What we call miracles are actually very simple to understand but take training and courage to see beyond the box your mind is in right now.

If you were at an aboriginal level of consciousness and you saw a plane fly over your head for the first time, you would think that was a miracle. And you may even worship it like a deity and be afraid of it.

But once you understood the technology and the energy it uses and how to buy a ticket, i.e. raise your conscious awareness to include that in your world view, you could get on one and use its power to take you to places you never imagined existed. 

That is all a miracle is. “All I have done, you can do and far greater things” is a famous quote. Too bad the mystics were the only ones who took Jesus seriously. He was just pointing out a fact. That what is a miracle at a lesser energy level of consciousness and mental state is as simple as breathing at a higher level of consciousness.

Whatever you are dealing with, stop worshiping it and rise above it.

To do that you will need education, focus and energy. 

Learning to access you deeper soul wisdom through energy healing and meditation is the first step.  Then the next step is to see what no eye has seen before, your personal mission and gifts and see a new path forming before you!

Think of a time that something changed in your life  out of the blue and it forced you realize something amazing about you.  Often learning a healing modality or doing Yoga, or going on a meditation retreat can do it.  Or a divorce, or the loss of a loved one, or an accident can create the same.

An event changes the normal way your brain has been working for many years and it breaks that pattern long enough to see the world is not what you thought it was.  That is an INSIGHT! 

An insight is the pre-curser to awakening.  After your change event, you will probably notice that you can no longer see any of your life the same again.  That is the real goal of inner work.  Not just get a better job or relationship, but changing the person you bring to your job and relationships so that what you bring serves you and others in a much higher way.

If you are ready for an insight that big join me and my amazing staff and many students at  INSIGHT! SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 22, 12-6pm ET, seats are limited, virtual attendance is available.

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