Sunday Insight: Which of these 5 personalities are you?

There is an ancient Hindu proverb that says, The Three Great Mysteries are: air to a bird, water to a fish, mankind to himself.

After almost 20 years helping people move beyond the mystery of who they are, I think we need to add to those mysteries, why you feel like you husband or wife comes from another planet, or why your children look at you like you are speaking another language when what you said to them makes total sense to you?

At the Rhys Thomas Institute, we solve these mysteries and many more by showing you that are actually 5 totally different kinds of people on the planet. Almost like they come from different planets… and it has nothing to do with their genders or family upbringing. It is encoded in their energy body, chakras and DNA from the moment they were born.

They are the creative thinkers, the deep feelers, the loving caretakers, the knowledgeable achievers, and the powerful or charming leaders of the world, each one a unique blend of all the qualities, while being strongest in one or two.

(To find which of the 5 life purpose profiles you were born to live, click here)

You and everyone you know are not solely molded or created by your life events that psychologist would have you believe, but instead you have deep soul quality within you, or a character that has been there guiding you to your greatness from the moment you opened your eyes.

Expressing it is the only thing that can truly make you happy. 

Trying to be the person that others say you should be just leads to pain and disillusionment. Making this shift to knowing which of these qualities you possess, and being able to see these qualities in others is the essence of what all great leaders and healers have done, now it is your turn.

In the Life Mastery Program at the Rhys Thomas Institute, in 5 weekend classes a year we re-awaken this ability to access your true calling and individual gifts in the world.

As you may have guessed, the most important part of this path is not only knowing who you are and what your life purpose is, but also knowing when you are chasing a dream or you have gone off track due to what you think is your purpose.

Once you use these tools as a way to attain inner direction, fearless courage, and limitless energy for yourself, you will be able to find much broader success all the other relationships in your life.

There is a simple maxim: if you know how to get other people what they really want in life, you will be rewarded beyond what you have ever imagined. 

The Rhys Method Life Purpose Profile System® may be the most important set of skills you ever acquire. As you cultivate your skill, you become someone who can motivate and inspire others, not just in your own language but in theirs as well.

What if you knew, and could see, the difference between you and your spouse and each person in your life? See how their brain, their eyes, their emotions, their ability to love their drive to succeed is not a matter of choice, but instead a perfectly designed system to live their purpose.

Instead of seeing them as aliens, you learn to talk their soul language, support them in the type of success they were born to, and then teach them your own language as well so they will support you? Amazingly, when you help one person achieve their inner greatness, the likelihood of them turning around and doing the same for you is much higher.

It’s your choice, and is as simple as starting with the free online profile quiz (click to take it now), then when you are ready, you can go deeper by full assessment, or the online profile training called The Missing Piece, and if you want the total training, in person or livestreamed, classes begin soon. Hit reply and ask to talk to one of our staff members to see if this is the right fit for you.

It’s time to let your personality shine through.

P.S. If you are looking to get an in-person taste of one of our amazing school weekends, join me and my fantastic tribe of teachers and students at the Insight Live Event September 22, from 12-6. We will be sharing 3 powerful awakening techniques we use in the Life Mastery Training Program. The price is $25 for a seat at Insight, and you can bring a friend for free!

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