Sunday Insight: Getting the crystal ball for your life!

What if you could learn to have real clarity of mind and spirit like a Mystic or business genius that seems to have a crystal ball?

It’s not as hard as you might think.  A little training at the Rhys Thomas Institute has taught thousands to access their inner wisdom, sense of purpose and their mystical gifts.

What if you could go beyond what you see and feel with your five senses, to open to the full beauty of life, and not just see but feel the divine spark of life in yourself and in another? What if there was an easy way to awaken your psychic sense and healing vision?

What would this make possible for you in your life and your business?

You can, and you already have everything you need to walk the mystic’s path to see others, and yourself, as divine, one with all of Creation.

“But how?” you wonder, “I’ve been on the spiritual path for some time now and the psychic experiences of the mystic remain out of reach.”

It’s not your fault…You see, the media and certain factions of the New Age movement have perpetuated a false idea, that seeing chakras means you must be disconnected mentally, where you see the aura and colorful spinning chakra vortexes around a person. The average person is afraid to pursue the idea of “seeing chakras” because that would be weird.

In truth, it’s anything but weird.

Let me explain…

What we see with the eye is the tiniest fraction of light frequencies. Your eyes feed these frequencies of light to the brain. The brain interprets these frequencies and we give them meaning.

The chakras are located along the spine from the tailbone to the head and each chakra has a kind of eyes that can also “see” different frequencies. Just like the brain, each chakra area has a complex of neurons that act like smaller brains wired to interpret information at its frequency.

When any of your chakras are closed, or not allowed to receive and interpret the frequencies it is wired to, it’s as if you are blind in that “eye” – seeing and feeling only partially. And if all of your chakras are closed or you don’t know how to interpret their energetic information you are blind to your purpose.

What if you never figure out that missing piece, never close the gap between knowing your purpose and living it at your core?

You could spend years (and a lot of money!) studying and trying different forms of healing work, energy medicine, chakra clearing, intuitive development, and purpose work trying to get beyond the surface of life to the divine spark that is really you.

Getting to the divine that really is you is not a five senses job.

To open all of your senses, you simply need to open your chakra levels of conscious awareness and “see” with your chakras rather than your eyes. Amazingly, everyone was born with the ability to “see” in this way!

But this skill was rejected long ago in mainstream culture, reserved for the psychics, gurus, and healers leaving the average person simply looking at the world rather than standing in awe of it and knowing their place in it.

But you are not the average person…

You already know that the path to seeing your highest purpose in every moment begins with a vision that reaches beyond the body and solid world.

Are you ready to look beyond the surface of life and directly into its divine purpose for you?  Are you ready to awaken your clairvoyance and “see” your path guide others on their paths to greatness? 

If your answer is yes, it is time to get learn the secrets of the most successful people in the world, in person and on line classes are about to begin in the Rhys Thomas Institute Life Mastery Training.

This will change everything!

I look forward to seeing you in class!

P.S. Each of the 5 weekends trainings you will …


You will learn the Rhys Method® Life Purpose Profile System, a dynamic system that defines the five human life purpose by telling you the one that will become the foundation for your greatness!


Connect to your unbendable and non-negotiable soul quality within you that has always been and always will be the foundation for your success in the world.


You will be assigned books to read to supplement the course material between classes that will specifically prepare you for the chakra and profile work in class.


Every great leader is a healer, every healer is a leader. Healing work specifically teaches you how to manage your internal energy and power by focusing it like a laser beam through your life purpose profiles and chakras.


Between lectures and teaching activities, you will be encouraged to move, dance and play in activities that are fun and free. Letting the inner child play is an essential part of the enlightenment process.


The most subtle (and most fun!) aspect of personal growth in the program is becoming part of a spiritual family, a soul group. Choosing your own tribe is an essential rite of passage and power.

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