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Day 1

On the “First” day of conscious gift-giving my true love gave to me… something way better than a Partridge in a Pear Tree!

Instead, you get… Total clarity of purpose, and a new level of understanding of yourself, your family, spouse and children… perfect for the holiday season!

Gift #1: The Discover Your Purpose Book

How to use the 5 life purpose profiles to unlock your hidden potential and live the life you were meant to live

Use code “12DAYS” for a 25% discount.

Amazingly, your happiness in life comes down to just a few key choices…

  1. What you do for work and what you do to contribute in the world
  2. Who you choose as a partner and how you create family
  3. How you treat your body and take care of your health

Most people have no idea how to make these choices, or they make these choices in a panic, or through the trial-and-error way which sometimes works out, but often they get into their midlife and realize that they made the wrong choice. And now they know what they don’t want, but have no idea still what they really want or are here to share in the world.

You need 2 simple yet profound tools to be able to make confident decisions that impact the trajectory of your life…

  1. A clear sense of inner purpose that is felt in your heart and soul, and no one or no thing can take from you or make you doubt it.
  2. Energy and courage to live that purpose fearlessly. In a world that is trying 24/7 to get you to conform to its rules, not yours, you need a bottomless well of energy and the courage to stand out and be unique.

Inside the pages of Discover Your Purpose you will find that clarity and courage to make the tough choices in your life that lead to fulfillment and joy.

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