Sunday Insight: The Power of Archetypes

Have you ever wondered why no matter where you go, or what you do, you seem to have a destiny, whether you like it or not, to attract certain kinds of people?  Certain kinds of situations?  Certain battles?  Certain opportunities?  And no one else you know has to deal with what you have to?

Check out this totally awesome video on the how archetypes work in your life.

The reason is simple:  you have archetypal soul contracts that act like universal filters for what you can and can’t have, and will and will not attract or have the ability to do.

For years people have been calling it the law of attraction, but the false premise in law of attraction is that you can want or be anything you want.  That could not be further from the truth.

If you don’t have an archetypal soul contract and the energetic wiring that goes with it, when you set your mind to attract money or fame (for example), you will never get it.   Or, if you do use your will to force it into your life, it will not work or last for long, or it will make you even more miserable.  It is like trying to be someone you are not, it takes too much energy to be someone you are not, and when you run the wrong energy through your circuits, you get stressed and sick.

But with that said, an easy rule of thumb is… if you don’t know who you are, you will constantly be at odds with your  life and the people in it, and when you know who you are, you are in love with your life, even the challenging parts of it.

This is why the foundational part of the Life Mastery Training at the Rhys Thomas Institute helps you discover your purpose as a Leader, or Achiever, or Caretaker, or Lover, or Creative. Those are the biggest human archetypes that if you don’t know which one of those you are, or which you are wishing you were but you are not, your life never quite feels like it’s yours.

So let’s say you know which one of those 5 primary profile archetypes you are and you have read my book, Discover Your Purpose or have done my on line course The Missing Piece.  Now what?

The next level is to see the secondary archetypes that you have contracted with to keep you on track in your life.

Check out this video for another amazing tool for self-discovery, the archetypes!

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