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Discover Your Purpose Book

$18.50 (tax incl.)

What holds you back from success?

Are you trying to be who you are supposed to be and working like a dog to keep up with others?
Hiding your real gifts and power because you are afraid to be different?
Being a “good man” or “good woman” rather than be an empowered person?
In truth, there are just as many women leaders as men, and there are just as many care-giving men as women.
Do you sometimes feel you are just playing a role rather than living your destiny?
A person who knows their true self is a powerful decision-maker. That person knows that success is made one decision at a time—decisions that never betray the true self.
When you master seeing the greatness in others, every relationship you have becomes a pathway to your own greatness and your mission to support others to get what they really want. More Info »

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The Missing Piece eBook

$9.95 (tax incl.)

Is something missing in your life?

Just how fed up are you with pushing that rock up the hill everyday called "my life" and not even knowing if your efforts are getting you any closer to the life you want? And when the rock rolls back down the hill, and you get up yet one more morning to a day of boring work, frustrating relationships, low energy and health issues, how much longer can you go on with the life that you've got? What if you found the "missing piece" that allowed you to be living a very different kind of life, the life where you are motivated by your true calling to have:
  • Financial freedom and a career you are proud of
  • Fulfilling relationships, both personally and in business
  • Vibrant health and abundant energy to enjoy that career and those relationships
More Info »

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The Power of Purpose in Business

The Power of Purpose in Business

$0.00 (tax incl.)

Expanding on his best-selling book Discover Your Purpose, Rhys Thomas’ new book, The Power of Purpose in Business, takes his powerful self-awareness tool and gives you direct application for how to expand your purpose into your business. Being able to translate your deeper inner calling to an outer mission in which you do something greater More Info »

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