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Getting off the Healing Treadmill: Unlock Your Soul First

What if we have the whole healing pattern backward? What if you knew how to skip right to the last step first? Join me on this Facebook Live to step off the healing treadmill onto the solid path to your true destiny of health and power to

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The Secret to Emotional Freedom

THE SECRET TO EMOTIONAL FREEDOM! Emotions! you can’t live with them and you can’t live without them. But what if I told you that you can’t create your dream life without them. The truth is that there are 2 kinds of emotions, and most people can’t tell

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#1 Way to Get Unstuck and HAve Total Freedom From Your Stress and Problems

Most illness comes from stress. Most stress comes from fighting the same battles every day with your health, your work, your spouse, your children. Wouldn’t it be great to have a way to let all of that go so you can have more INNER PEACE and less

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How to Break Any Addiction Now!

What if you could walk away from anything you are addicted to and never look back? Addictions to social media, bad relationships, food, drugs, sex, your mobile phone, being too nice, avoiding people, worrying about money and… whatever you know you should not do but are doing

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#1 Secret to Great Relationships

Have you ever wondered what one thing you could do to make your relationships better? This one you will not have seen coming! If you are one of the 65% of Americans who feel disconnected from those they love, or you just want to make the good

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Rescuing the Rescuer

Rescuing is one of the most heroic acts between people. And being a rescuer can also become a hard habit to break, especially if you feel like people were not there for when you needed them most. Discover how to support people in a way that doesn’t

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The Secret to Sound Healing

We all know that music soothes the soul, but can sound really heal your life? That answer is YES, but it’s not as easy as passively listening to Mozart in the background. Healing is a conscious act of reconnecting to something deeper within you. Join me to

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The New Chakras

Chakras are soooo much more than we thought! What if everything that is known about chakras is only the tip of the iceberg? When we shifted from body centric thinking to energetic chakra centric thinking that started a huge shift in consciousness. What if there was another

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The #1 Way to Be Totally Fulfilled By Life

We all want to feel fulfilled in our work, our relationships and have a fulfilling sense of wellbeing. It is the promise of spiritual study to fill ourselves from the inside out. But why is it so hard? Join me and I will show you in the

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People who figure this one thing out are the happiest people in the world. Join me for this Facebook Live and will show how to figure out what you really want and how to stop sabotaging yourself from getting it! We will do a visualization that will

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