Coaching with Rhys Thomas

The Rhys Thomas Coaching Programs provide you with a deep level of mastery of the Rhys Method transformational products and programs.  You will have the opportunity to work directly with Rhys and his expert coaches one-on-one and in small highly motivated groups to help you reach your highest potential!

Enlightenment Circle Coaching Program


The Enlightenment Circle Coaching Program is a rare opportunity to work directly with Rhys Thomas one-on- one and as part of a small, highly motivated group to clarify your mission and help you step fully into your power and extraordinary life purpose.

Over the course of the eight month Enlightenment Circle Program, you will have Rhys’ focused attention throughout eight laser sessions, eight tele-classes and an amazing multi-day retreat at a tropical location—and so much more.  If you want to know deeply who you are and what your highest potential and mission is, this is the fast track to discovering just that!


Life Mastery Coaching


MASTERY LEVEL APPLICATION: The Life Mastery Coaching Program is a life training and coaching program that provides a deep mastery level application of the Rhys Thomas Institute course materials.  The LMC programs are for currently enrolled LMT students only who want a tailored accountability program to support them in the fastest track to applying what they are learning in school to their lives, businesses, families and clients.