Crystal Bowl Sound Healing Audios

NEW Advanced Guided Meditations for Transformation and Manifesting

The Rhys Method® Advanced Guided Meditations for transformation and manifesting are the most powerful meditations that we teach in the Rhys Thomas Institute.

Doing these guided meditations is like getting a private healing session with a Master Healer.

NEW Crystal Bowl Healing CDs for Practitioners and Clients

Rhys Method® Crystal Bowl Healing CDs are a powerful healing technology that is designed to support the healing of specific illnesses and negative life patterns.

Each crystal bowl healing was created originally to train the healing students in the Rhys Thomas Institute to increase their healing vibration needed to heal specific illness.

12 Chakra Tones

The Rhys Method® 12 Chakra Tones CD is the essential self-discovery tool you will need to: first connect to your core soul tone, and second awaken your intuitive guidance and have more clarity of your life purpose.

Crystal Bowl Meditations

The Meditation Series of Audios are designed to awaken specific essential states of being and support you in learning to access those levels of consciousness daily to live a more vibrant and fulfilling life.