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Life Purpose Profiles

Interested in learning more about the Rhys Method® Life Purpose Profiles? If you haven’t already, take our free profile quiz, and be sure to check out the following products to learn more!


Discover Your Purpose Book

$18.50 (tax incl.)

What holds you back from success?

Are you trying to be who you are supposed to be and working like a dog to keep up with others?
Hiding your real gifts and power because you are afraid to be different?
Being a “good man” or “good woman” rather than be an empowered person?
In truth, there are just as many women leaders as men, and there are just as many care-giving men as women.
Do you sometimes feel you are just playing a role rather than living your destiny?
A person who knows their true self is a powerful decision-maker. That person knows that success is made one decision at a time—decisions that never betray the true self.
When you master seeing the greatness in others, every relationship you have becomes a pathway to your own greatness and your mission to support others to get what they really want. More Info »

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Healing Power of the Chakras

$197.00 (tax incl.)

Align your chakras with your highest purpose to “See” beyond the surface of life and deep into the heart of it. Learn how to access our inner vision and wisdom to awaken your hidden potential, to heal your core wounds and to step fully out of the darkness to enter into the light. If you’re More Info »

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Rhys Method® Life Purpose Profiles FREE Quiz

$0.00 (tax incl.)

Would you like to have the missing piece of the puzzle of who you are? Each person is part of a tribe of people who are born to live a life purpose of feeling, creating, caretaking, achieving, or leading. These are the five basic human traits. All are equally essential in the world now more More Info »

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Rhys Method® Life Purpose Profiles Questionnaire

$27.00 (tax incl.)

Imagine if you could...

Harness The Power Or Your Deepest Purpose To Transform Your Life

Because, think about it....

What if someone you really trusted told you that “this is your life purpose!” What if that person was you? Then you could fearlessly run every tough choice you are asked to make through one simple filter. Does this support my life purpose or not?

Your actions would be laser beam focused.

This is the first time I have shared this information in this way.

In this assessment you will learn how your top two profiles combine to create your life.

Most of my work has been kept secret up until this point and only used for my students.

It's time for this information to be out in the world! More Info »

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