What Our Students Say


Find life purpose by finding and arranging missing pieces of myself. So wonderful to learn and understand myself so I could move forward.

Patti Roberts

I never even imagined that I was a leader! I spent the last 45 years trying to play small and be a follower. This work explained so much! Let me embrace my authentic self!

Lydia Kirchthorn

The biggest transformation for me was allowing myself to be seen. I have lived under the cloak of invisibility my entire life.

Lisa Darveau

I wanted to find my life purpose and I thought that would lead me to a new career path…but now I realize that living in my core is not about my job, or what other people think about me. I’m learning to be happy just as I am and feeling worthy by just being here.

Stephanie Chen

This weekend was powerful and amazing!! Heart-breaking and heart opening at the very same time!

Raylene Kwasnicki

If you’ve been jumping from one program to the next, LAND HERE. You will never need another program.

Marian Hobson

The most important relationship in your life is your relationship with yourself. A healthy sense of self has a ripple effect throughout your life. This school helps you achieve that and allows you to develop healthy relationships with others.

Beth Baccari

I feel like I finally found my voice.

Barbara Bray

After 28 years, I finally felt my heart.

Andrew Fernandes

Experiencing the healing was like coming home to love.

Beth Amis

This is by far the wackiest thing I have ever signed up for and it feels amazing!

Gina Mastromatteo

Thank you, teachers, for your incredibly fantastic job teaching, supporting and loving us. Each one of you is such a blessing.

The team creates a safe, supportive atmosphere, coupled with humor, which is welcoming right from the start.

Candace McMahon

The climate of the school as well as the information shared offers ideal circumstances for transformation.

Ellie McConnaugh

I got so many revelations during the weekends and throughout the months moving through the chakras!

Danielle Cavazza

Rhys’s program presents everyone with opportunities to stretch themselves and expand into more of who they are. When those opportunities arise, challenge yourself and seize them.

Portland Helmich